Oh Yeah! You love to compete.

SubjectCoach Multiplayer Trivia is a perfect platform for kids to play together in a multi-player mode and showcase their skills. Beat your mate in their own game. Attempt and learn together. Beat them this time, beat them next time.

Its simple, either play with your friends if they are online, or play with random kids/people. You will have 5 questions, 50 seconds to answer, if you are quick to answer most of the questions correctly, YOU WIN! Brag about it, however most importantly, keep learning and verifying your knowledge.

IMPORTANT Remember, if you are playing with your fellow students, ask them to choose the same play room number that the first person clicked on.

SubjectCoach Trivia: How it works?
Let the games begin!
Tens of thousands of questions picked randomly.
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Aligned to Australian and New Zealand school curriculum. Fit for kids in UK, USA, Canada and European schools too.

School grouping

Choose one of the available game room and tell fellow students to join the same group to compete. Mostly system will automatically randomize gamers in the same room


You are also able to contribute questions for a given Quiz. Once approved, your question will be part of the Quiz. How cool! You see your own content on SubjectCoach. Send your quizzes and corrections to support@subjectcoach.com.


You can contribute a Quiz or send us corrections, SubjectCoach Trivia is so engaging that not many students will fall out of love with it soon. You can use it as a tool to help your students to learn more in a potentially more competitive way.

Win awards

With each correctly answered question, kids will get some points, you can rise to the top of Leaderboard. There are awards on offer for kids from Australian and New Zealand. Awards include animated characters, over 2000+ characters to be discovered.